Saturday, June 2, 2012

Ranch Journal

Another school year ended, and I'm back at my summer routine of working on the ranch in Willow City.  Most people don't know what I actually do at the ranch, so I've been planning a series of posts that outline what goes on in my days out there.

First thing: I work in two-day shifts, generally two per week.  That way I never have to spend more than one night at a time away from my wife and daughter.  I've got lots of time, too, to work on my dissertation and plan my research trip (this July) to Cuba.

Here's a basic schedule:

Day 1:

5:00—wake up in Austin, drink coffee, read sports and politics blogs
5:30—drive over to the Boss’s house in Austin to get truck and tools, drive to ranch
7:00—arrive at ranch in Willow City, unload
7:15 – 12:15—work.  Work at the ranch mostly means clearing land.  Chopping and dragging cedar, digging out cactus and agarita, throwing it all on piles to be burned later.
12:15 – 4:15—lunch and siesta.  I avoid working in the afternoon.  This is my time to work on my dissertation, or go into town for supplies and iced tea and some wifi at Fredericksburg Coffee and Tea.
4:30 – 8:00—more work.   By 6:30 or 7:00, it’s almost pleasant outside.
8:01—Shiner Bock.
8:10—start cooking supper, continue drinking Shiner.
8:30 – 9:00—eat supper on the tailgate of the ranch truck
9:00 – 10:00 or so—shower, read, dissertate.

Day 2:
6:00—wake up, make and drink coffee, eat breakfast
6:30 – 7:15—run. 
7:30 – 12:30—work.
12:30—pack up and head home

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