Sunday, April 29, 2012

Austin: A Paradise Built to My Specifications

All of these pictures come from a half-mile stretch of my daily drive down South First to campus. If I want to buy tacos on my way to or from work, I have at least twenty options--all right on my route, with varying specialties and price levels.  Interior Mexican, unabashed Tex-Mex, hipster taco trucks, you name it.  And I would have the same number of choices if I were to drive down South Congress or South Lamar.  

I don't take this bounty for granted: I fell in love with Mexican food as a kid living in Charleston where, at the time, there were two (2!) Mexican-style restaurants in the area.  When we moved to Fort Worth, I remember pulling out the Star-Telegram's weekly Dining section and marveling at the pages and pages of listings and reviews under the heading "Mexican."  But even Fort Worth can't compare to this.  This is amazing.

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