Friday, December 3, 2010

Gonzalo Celorio on Coffee

I'm up all hours these days writing papers*, so I think about coffee a lot.

This is from a Gonzalo Celorio essay from 1976:

"El café que servían en la Facultad era un verdadero veneno, sobre todo si la lengua guardaba en la memoria el gusto del café cubano, acróstico en sus cualidades: Caliente, Amargo, Fuerte, y Escaso."

(The coffee they served at the University was pure poison, especially if one's palate recalled the pleasure of café cubano, acrostic in its qualities: Caliente, hot; Amargo, bitter; Fuerte, strong; and Escaso, scarce.)

Café as an acrostic--I love it. I wonder if you could do it in English. Celorio loved it too, btw, so much that he reused the line in his 2004 novel Tres Lindas Cubanas.

*I want to emphasize it's the papers, not the baby, keeping me up now. Emma is sleeping five or six hours at a time most nights. And she continues to grow like a (beautiful, precious, flowering) weed. She was up to 11 lbs, 2 oz. at her doctor's visit on Tuesday.

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